Dishes and linens from decades of collecting create a fun tablescape for Fourth of July.
Dishes and linens from decades of collecting create a fun tablescape for Fourth of July.

Vintage dishes for Fourth of July tablescape

Collecting dishes and linens is one of my passions, and there’s nothing like a holiday to put them all to use.

For my Fourth of July tablescape, I used vintage linens — check out those bicentennial napkins! — foraged over the past 30 years from garage sales, estate sales, auctions, thrift stores, flea markets and anywhere else I spot a deal. The navy floral plates came from Christmas Tree Shops (may it rest in peace).

Does everything need to match?

No! Mismatched is even better. For instance, these blue plates showing patriotic places came from a recent estate sale. They’re vintage Avon plates, and there were only three. But don’t let that uneven number bother you. Just fill in with something else that matches.

Red, white and blue dishes and linens
Bicentennial plates and napkins from my vintage collection.

Get out all the serving pieces

And don’t forget the serving dishes. Your Fourth of July tablescape needs more than just plates.

I love to find new ways of using vintage pieces, like this gorgeous milk glass dish. I don’t think it was originally intended for serving, but it’s a beautiful container for this red and blue fruit salad. You have to try the recipe, by the way.

Watermelon and Berry Salad with Lime

Watermelon, strawberries, blueberries in a white bowl
Watermelon and berries with a lime basil dressing are gorgeous in a white milk glass bowl.

This patriotic decor is perfect for Fourth of July, Memorial Day or any day you want to celebrate the red, white and blue. And, of course, you have to decorate yourself!

Dog and child looking at each other
Pippa (left) and our little firecracker.

Resources for vintage linens and dishes

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