Handmade cocktail picks made from hands and beads


Crafternoon decorations included vintage linens, silver trays filled with craft tools, and a collection of hands.
Crafternoon decorations include vintage linens, silver trays filled with craft tools, and a collection of hands.

Crafty friends unite

Grab some crafty friends and have a party with these fun DIY craft party ideas.

More than a decade ago, I met a group of incredible crafters and artists. We called ourselves the Crafty Bitches and frequently got together for dinner and often showed at the same craft fairs. One of the Bitches, Julie, even had a shop at the Second Street Market in Dayton, and several of us crafty friends sold handmade items there for a few years.

But the pandemic of 2020 seemed to throw everything into limbo. Craft shows were on hiatus, and get-togethers were frowned upon. We lost track of each other.

But you can’t keep a Crafty Bitch down! This summer, we reunited with a fun and creative craft party — a Crafternoon. Every crafty group should try this.

One of my favorite crafts, hand cocktail picks.
One of my favorite crafts, hand cocktail picks.

Have a party with your crafty friends

The agenda was simple — bring a craft to work on, enjoy a craft I had here at the house, or just hang out and drink and eat with old friends. And I invited a few new friends, too, because you can never have too many Crafty Bitches.

Decorating for a crafty party

Aside from the amazing company and conversation, I had the most fun decorating. I gathered scissors, markers and other craft supplies and assembled them in cute containers on silver trays. I dug out vintage linens and a variety of vintage dishes, glasses and serving containers, as well as my collection of hands. I made three very fun crafts for decoration and a runner out of this super fun crafty fabric.

Craft supplies in vintage silver containers

The menu included the delicious Coronation Chicken Salad recipe from the New York Times; Watermelon and Berry Salad with Lime Vinaigrette; Brown Sugar Brownies; Creme Brûlée Cookies; and Frozen Palomas. Of course, the Palomas were decorated with these adorable hand cocktail picks.

Cocktail picks with hands at the ends

Other ways to celebrate crafty friends

Although it’s hard to beat a crafty party, there are other ways to celebrate the makers in your life. Here are some ideas. You can find more in this story I wrote for the Dayton Daily News.

Crafty time together

  • Go to a handmade show together
  • Have a de-stash event to swap craft supplies
  • Go shopping at locally owned craft stores

The only thing better than seeing old friends is crafting with them. May the Crafty Bitches craft on!

Old dog
Pippa, my aged beagle-ish dog, is crafty in a different way, but she’s always ready for a party.

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