For Claire's fiesta party engagement shower, we made this amazing DIY photo booth backdrop.
For Claire’s fiesta party engagement shower, she and her sister made an amazing DIY photo booth backdrop.

When your daughter is a professional photographer, you’re going to need a pretty special photo booth backdrop. We’re a crafty family, so my photographer daughter Claire and her sister Rachel decided to make their own DIY photo booth backdrop for Claire’s engagement fiesta shower.

A plywood base became the foundation for hundreds of tissue paper flowers.
A plywood base became the foundation for hundreds of tissue paper flowers.

Steps to create a fiesta-themed DIY photo booth backdrop

1. Start with a sturdy plywood backdrop

First, my husband made a large backdrop from plywood and 2x4s. He followed his own process, but this tutorial is very helpful. We didn’t see any reason to paint it since it would be covered with flowers. However, that’s an option if you want it to look professional from top to bottom.

Tissue paper flowers on a wooden backdrop
Rachel stapled hundreds of tissue paper flowers that she made to the plywood background. 

2. Cue the tissue paper flowers

The tissue paper flowers are really the star of the show. You could make a much simpler structure, if you want, as long as you cover it with tissue paper flowers.

Here’s a great tutorial to get you started. We mixed all colors of tissue paper to make these as vibrant as possible.

We made more than 100 in different sizes and colors. Varying the sizes gives it a more organic and authentic feel.

Folded tissue paper in all colors
Tissue paper flowers in progress at Rachel’s house.

3. Assemble the backdrop

Next, staple your flowers to the backdrop using a staple gun. After you’ve stapled them all over the backdrop, go back and fill in any holes.

Party in a backyard.
The backdrop for the fiesta party.

4. Celebrate!

Now it’s time to start the fiesta! You can complete the fiesta theme with great food and other DIY decor ideas. If you really want to go all out, check out this inspiration for reupholstering a vintage sofa into a fiesta-themed masterpiece.

Two women in front of a fiesta back drop.
Hurrah! The sisters have created a Photo Booth masterpiece!

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