Glasses of red cocktail
These adorable cocktail picks are the perfect DIY Christmas craft.

Cute cocktail picks are great DIY Christmas cocktail gifts

Cocktail picks — for appetizers or cocktails — are so easy and fun to make. My daughter and I spent an afternoon making all kinds of picks as DIY Christmas cocktail gifts, using new and vintage items. We also used the same things to make wine stoppers. Keep reading for directions, supplies, tips and inspiration.

Cocktail picks for caprese salad appetizers.
Cocktail picks for caprese salad appetizers.

What we used for DIY Christmas cocktail gifts

Over the years, I’ve collected all kinds of miniature Christmas knick knacks from garage and estate sales. People often used these to make ornaments or other crafts. New items work great, too, and are easy to find at dollar and craft stores.

Miniature deer Christmas cocktail picks
These are some of my favorite handmade picks. We used tiny vintage deer atop cotton balls.
Packages of Christmas miniatures
Here’s a selection of new and vintage miniatures that are perfect for DIY Christmas crafts.
Miniature trees and snowman cocktail picks.
Miniature trees in a variety of colors plus vintage wooden Christmas ornaments are perfect for these DIY cocktail picks.

Supplies for DIY Christmas cocktail gifts

Here’s what you’ll need for these DIY cocktail picks:

       1. For picks: Wooden skewers of various sizes. I really loved these with the red balls at the end.

       2. For wine stoppers: Wine corks for craft supplies, like these

       3. Miniature Christmas knick knacks and ornaments. We used miniature trees, vintage ornaments and toys and teeny tiny deer.

       4. Wooden disks, 1 inch in diameter, like these.

       5. Craft glue, like Aleene’s Tacky Glue.

       6. Other items you might want to use: cotton balls (for snow), Christmas colored beads or wooden beads.

Miniature Christmas ornaments on sticks in styrofoam
Cocktail picks and wine stoppers drying.


Here’s how to make these fun Christmas cocktail picks:

      1. For some items, you can glue them directly to your wooden cocktail skewer or wine stopper. If you need to, first glue a wooden disk to the skewer or wine stopper and then glue your item on top of the disk.

      2. For the tiny reindeer picks or stoppers: Glue a wooden disk to one of the cocktail sticks with a ball on top. Glue a small amount of cotton ball to the disk, and then glue the teeny tiny reindeer on that.

Glasses with red liquid on wooden table
Cute handmade cocktail picks make these drinks super festive.

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