Vintage cross-stitch with saying Let me live in the house by the side of the road and be a friend to man
This saying warms my heart. To me, it speaks to living a simple life with kindness and hospitality at the center. I hang this piece by my front door to remind me daily to have a welcoming spirit.

Drawn to vintage cross-stitch

I love to sew, but I have never had the gift for cross-stitch and embroidery. That detailed work just drives me crazy. Maybe that’s why I so appreciate the incredible needlework that (mostly) women have created over the centuries. 

Happiness is still homemade cross-stitch
My love of making and cooking, of a home filled with happiness, makes this embroidered piece special. My dear friend Susan gave this to me.

The weirder, the better

I’m particularly drawn to unusual designs. I found this “Devil made me do it” cross-stitch at an estate sale. I paid $20, which is more than I typically pay, but it was just so darn cute. It’s also larger than most at 11 x 18 inches.

Devil made me do it cross-stitch
I just love this unique cross-stitch. It’s beautifully done, and who doesn’t need to blame the devil every now and then.

This plant embroidery was only $1 at a garage sale. It was an early find, when I was just starting to collect these. I love the bright colors and detail on each individual plant.

Vintage plant embroidery
This elaborate plant cross-stitch piece hangs in my sunroom surrounded by real plants.

Where to find cross-stitch and embroidery: The prices on these pieces have risen in the past few years with the popularity of cottagecore home design. But deals can still be found at estate sales, garage sales, church sales and antique stores. They’re available on eBay and Etsy, too, but by the time you pay the shipping, I often find they’re just too expensive. Still, sometimes you just have to have that one!

vintage floral embroidery
I love this bright floral embroidery. It was an early purchase, only $1 at a garage sale.

How much you can expect to pay: Occasionally, I can still find framed embroidery and cross-stitch pieces for $1-$5 at estate sales and garage sales. When I find them unframed, they’re often less — sometimes a bundle or a box of them for only a few dollars. Large pieces are often priced up to $50 or $60 at estate sales, but if you go on half-price day (and the pieces are still there), you can get even those extraordinary ones for $25 to $30.

At antique stores, they’re typically $15 to $75, depending on size, quality and collectability.

Each dawn is a new beginning. Sigh. I never tire of seeing this lovely cross-stitch piece and breathing in its hopeful saying.
Each dawn is a new beginning. Sigh. I never tire of seeing this lovely cross-stitch piece and breathing in its hopeful saying.

Vintage cross-stitch as gifts

I often receive vintage cross-stitch pieces as gifts because friends and family know how much I love them. Put some on your Christmas list!

Vintage mother cross-stitch
My daughter, Claire, gave me this sweet vintage cross-stitch when she got married. It’s so dear to me for both its saying and her thoughtfulness.
Grandchildren are God's reward for growing old. vintage cross-stitch.
My daughter, Rachel, gave me this adorable piece. She bought it on eBay, and gave it to me to mark the birth of my first grandchild.

A favorite vintage cross-stitch design

One of my favorites is this “Have you talked to your plants today?” I’ve found several of this particular design in my area for under $5 a piece.

Have you talked to your plants today vintage cross-stitch
A favorite piece — “Have you talked to your plants today?” Yes, I have!

And, of course, people still make cross-stitch and embroidery, many with very fun and modern sayings. My daughter, Rachel, made me this lovely moon and flower piece.

Moon and floral cross-stitch
My daughter Rachel made this sweet cross-stitch.

You can find out more information about vintage cross-stitch at these sources:

      Adirondack Girl at Heart

      Free XStitch

Vintage sewing cross-stitch
Sewing themes and cross-stitch are the holy grail. Rachel gave me this fabulous piece for Christmas.

Reusing vintage cross-stitch

Although I love to collect vintage cross-stitch and embroidery, I also love to use it for supplies. You can get ideas for upcycling these vintage items at my post 4 ideas for repurposed vintage linens.

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